Fuel efficiency is important for any modern driver from Pittsburg to Monroeville. Daily commuters, families, and weekend adventurers alike deserve a car or SUV that works as well as it can. To ensure your vehicle is utilizing fuel efficiently, here are some common maintenances to handle. Our team is more than happy to share more during your next visit.

Tire Rotations

Your tires are hard-working parts that benefit you in a range of ways. When well-maintained, your tires can noticeably improve your fuel economy. A tire rotation will strategically swap your current set of tires to separate positions so that you get the most life out of them. Our professionals can also offer you a set of new tires if yours are too far gone.

Oil and Filters

Speaking of important parts of your daily Johnstown drive, your oil and filters can impact every mile. This fluid is what keeps your engine working just the way it should. When dirty or low, your oil can make your engine utilize its fuel less efficiently. This efficiency is also impacted by the filters found throughout your vehicle.


A vehicle has so many moving parts that keeping up with the maintenance can be a headache. To ensure that your fuel economy is as great as possible, visit our service center near Mt. Pleasant for an overall inspection and tune-up. We can take a look throughout your engine to make sure every part is doing its job. After that, you can hit the roads with added confidence.

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